Professional 3D Visualizations.

Jusitn Bobbitt Design provides professional 3D design visualizations.  We strive to provide our customers with exceptional visual aids, helping them to explore design possibilities and enableing them to quickly and accurately communicate ideas. We work on projects big and small and can design a solution to fit almost any budget. Contact Justin Bobbitt Design today and  let’s build something together.

What we do.

Simply put, we love to make beautiful images.  We have been working with 3D design for nearly a decade, and have served a variety of industries. We work love working with with experiential marketers, sales professionals, event planners, builders, fabricators, inventors and entrepenuers. We welcome opportunities to work with anyone who wishes to explore design options in 3D or anyone who needs to visually illustrate a concept or idea.  

Exhibit Design

We work with experiential marketers, helping them design and visualize functional  exhibition spaces.

Set Design

We help show producers, corporate meeting planners & other organizations create breathtaking stage set designs.

Event Design

We work with special event planners helping them with spacial planning and allowing them to create beautiful proposals.

Architectural Design

We work with builders and homeowners  alike to plan and visualize new construction or renovations.

Interior Design

We work with interior designers, helping them to quickly conceptualize design ideas and to convey those ideas to their clients.

Industrial Design

We work with Inventors, fabricators, & entrepenuers, to conceptualize products  and create digital prototypes.

Recent Work.